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Bridal Veils

Our goal is to provide the widest variety of bridal veils, headpieces, and jewelry available anywhere. Our bridal veils are custom-made and individually designed for each bride. Browse through our online catalog and create a veil custom-made for your wedding! Add a unique touch to your special day by designing your own custom bridal veil! If you find a bridal veil that you like in a magazine, let us help you design your veil just like it using the components available on this site!


Several headpieces and jewelry sets are also available to add the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe. While our most popular headpieces are featured on this site, many more headpieces are available. Contact us if you are interested in viewing additional headpieces and/or jewelry sets. We have the ability to scan and email these images to you.


Your options are not limited to the selection on the website. Your veil can be any length, and a wide variety of edgings are available. If there is something you have in mind that is not displayed in our catalog, simply let us know. We can make it for you! Use the Contact Us tab to send us an email or give us a call.

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